Our executive committee and board have the overall responsibility for the operations of VSKO and for ensuring we meet our mission statement and objectives. Our board is dedicated to acting in the best interest of VSKO our members and the greater Slovenian community. We meet regularly to ensure we meet the challenges of the growing and evolving Slovenian community.

Vera Margutsch

Marjan Kolarič
Vice President | Representative of Slovenians in Canada at the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

Emma Margutsch
Secretary | Youth Representative | Editor-in-Chief, Glasilo kanadskih Slovencev

Joe Čestnik

Sonja Vidovič
Producer, Radio Glas kanadskih Slovencev

Marija Jevnišek
Chief Program Editor, Radio Glas kanadskih Slovencev

Marija Ahačič-Pollak
Editor, Radio Glas kanadskih Slovencev

Millie Muhič-Dolenc
Youth Representative

Bernadette Muc
Event Coordinator

Rozika Nesich
Event Coordinator

John Bernik

Joe Čestnik

Anthony Sekli